What we do

We provide custom software applications, solve data management issues, and support the evolution of the mobile workforce.

As your IT partner, we move you from systems and processes that don't work, to customized IT services that help you save money, improve performance, and work more efficiently. We define the solution starting with your business needs.


A strategic ICT plan with key long-term objectives smoothly integrated in a company strategy serves as a framework for making decisions and provides a basis for planning.


The ideal situation. Ascetic can develop new systems using latest technologies and approaches that can be designed from the ground up to fully exploit cloud services, devops and noops techniques.

Technical Partnership

We can support a project or an entire company acting as technical partner and taking care of all involved ICT aspects collaborating with marketing or operations to achieve the best possible result.

Customer experience

We’ll help you truly understand your customers through careful study and rapid research sprints that uncover what people do and feel, not what they say and think.

cloud migration

We can help migrate to cloud services or integrate cloud services with on premises infrastructure. It does not have to be all at once. Ascetic can help structuring a careful and well planned migration to the cloud.

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