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Network management

Network monitoring


Progress is making the online world a safer place to share data. Their software, developed for both small and large businesses, ensures secure data exchange and infrastructure with high performance. Progress products are efficient and user-friendly, allowing customers to respond more quickly to business needs through accelerated deployments and increased productivity.

Progress WhatsUp Gold
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WhatsUp Gold provides complete visibility into everything connected to your network. Its unique interactive map allows you to see network devices, servers, virtual machines, cloud and wireless environments in context, so you can diagnose issues with pinpoint accuracy.

Security solutions for networks


It allows monitoring of servers, routers, storage, wireless, virtual, cloud, and other devices. Monitor applications with alerts and reports on performance, response times, and a wide range of parameters useful for analysis. Analyze network traffic to identify bandwidth issues and suspicious connections. Customize settings and backups, reduce errors to meet compliance requirements.

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Sangfor IAM makes it possible to control the behavior of all clients within the network. This solution can be used in different contexts to ensure network security and maximize performance. IAM includes bandwidth management, application control, traffic control, illegal access/proxy point control, behavior analysis, and much more. In addition, thanks to the Advanced Reporting Center, IT administrators have all the information they need about their network, including internet access activities, bandwidth usage, and displayed content.

NGAF - Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Visit oficial web site ->

This solution is designed to protect users from all kinds of threats, whether they are internal, external, existing, or future. To achieve this, Sangfor NGAF offers complete visibility of the entire network, in order to recognize and eliminate threats quickly. Sangfor NGAF can detect real-time threats at every stage and provide a rapid response on how to deal with these threats. In addition, Sangfor NGAF combines deep content inspection with attack behavior analysis technologies. Free graphical reporting tools are available to show you what risks your business is facing and what actions to take immediately.


Sangfor SSL VPN allows your company to extend network access to any authorized user. In fact, this solution supports remote users connecting to the corporate network. Remote access is provided via a secure connection layer (SSL) enabled by an SSL VPN gateway, allowing users to create a virtual private network (VPN) using a web browser. This functionality provides a complete solution that enables easy access to a wide range of resources and web applications. SSL VPN has built-in security features to protect against viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers. The solution is optimized to ensure easy access even with low bandwidth.

When companies reach a certain number of branches or stores, operating difficulties and costs increase rapidly. Sangfor SD-WAN is a next-generation solution that enhances the ability of any central office to manage its branches. Thanks to route selection, application acceleration, and bandwidth management, Sangfor SD-WAN can meet the needs of offices of any size. The IT team at the headquarters can manage IT branches with a comprehensive view of operations and centralized management, reducing uptime and costs. It ensures smooth video conferencing and a quick reduction in bandwidth costs.

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Traffic optimization, flow compression, flow caching, protocol acceleration, and other leading technologies. Sangfor WANO can eliminate more than 70% of excess traffic, reduce packet loss rate to less than 1%, save 50% on link costs, and increase application speed by 3-10x to achieve a great improvement in application performance and WAN speed. Integrated with WAN acceleration and VPN technologies, a WANO device can help users enjoy access speeds comparable to those of Internet lines, but at the price of VPN connections. In addition, WANO is the most cost-effective solution for satellite connection acceleration.



Ransomware remains the most profitable way for cybercriminals to monetize their unauthorized access to corporate networks, with ransom demands steadily growing and often ranging between $1 and $10 million. Any type of business, including yours, is a potential target for ransomware campaigns that can have a very costly impact on the company. CrowdStrike, through its solutions and services, ensures the most up-to-date strategy to keep your company secure.


Extrahop offers an innovative solution based on real-time analysis and machine learning to detect threats, ensure the execution of critical applications, and protect cloud investments. With complete visibility and real-time detection, Extrahop allows you to know all events of the infrastructure and detect threats and anomalies very quickly, ensuring greater security and business growth.

Unified endpoint management


MobileIron is a software used by companies to protect and manage corporate applications, documents, and other content on mobile phones and tablets. The MobileIron software includes a management console for the IT department and an application that employees download to their devices from the App Store or Google Play. The IT department uses the MobileIron console to configure security and management rules. The MobileIron application provides the IT department with information about the device and its security, including information such as the phone company, country, device make and model, operating system (OS) version, phone number, and company email.

Insider threat monitoring and prevention


ObserveIT identifies and eliminates insider threats and provides proactive defense against malicious user behavior from both employees and third parties. By monitoring user behavior, ObserveIT significantly reduces the risk of security incidents. It provides real-time alerts and offers information on user activity in a single solution. ObserveIT provides security teams with all the tools to prevent a threat from becoming an incident. Additionally, ObserveIT helps teams to block activities that are not in line with policy, through the use of reminders, tips, and application blocking controls.

Proactive Security Risk Management


The Skybox Security platform is a security management solution that offers complete visibility of the attack surface, ensuring proactive threat and cyberattack protection. By combining powerful security analysis software with data integration, network modeling, automation, and vulnerability and threat intelligence, Skybox provides immediate insight into your biggest risks and how to manage them. With an integrated security platform, use the overall visibility to make quick and informed decisions to keep your business secure.


Yubico's mission is to make security simple and accessible for everyone. To achieve this, Yubico pioneered the design of the first one-time password authenticator that works with a simple touch. Yubico solutions are chosen by the largest companies and millions of users worldwide.

The company's main invention is YubiKey, a small USB and NFC key that, with a simple touch, offers secure access to IT systems and online services. YubiKey is the number 1 security key in the market and allows for two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication. Thanks to collaboration with leading Internet companies, native software was created to ensure secure access to major online platforms and browsers. YubiKey is designed not only for authentication from computers but also from mobile devices, providing faster and more secure access than SMS code authentication or through an app. Thanks to YubiKey, you can drastically reduce accidents and support costs.

YubiKey todos los usos

ICT Security Control and Management


SGBox is a modular platform for controlling and managing ICT security. It offers complete visibility of the infrastructure and collects information within the records generated by various components. It provides a series of useful indicators for better interpreting the collected information and provides the necessary analysis tools to optimize IT resources and processes, reducing operating costs. This solution is suitable for any type of company. The flexible and intuitive interface allows you to view specific controls configured by the user.

LM - Log ManagmentVisit oficial web site ->

The Log Management module collects records originating from all company platforms. The data will be analyzed in real-time or in the log history and represented using graphs and reports. In addition, the Anomaly Detection function identifies unusual situations in traffic.

LCE - Log Correlation Engine Visit oficial web site ->

The Correlation module, by exploiting the information collected by the other modules of the platform, allows mitigating the danger of cyber threats. In addition, it offers the possibility of choosing rules from predefined templates or creating new ones to establish actions to take in response to potential attacks.

SM - System Monitoring Visit oficial web site ->

The System Monitoring module allows you to professionally monitor the network by managing the information collected and the alarms generated in aggregate mode with the other modules of the platform. Identify problems as they arise and send anomaly alerts.

NVS - Network Vulnerability Scanner Visit oficial web site ->

The Vulnerability Management module allows you to detect the presence of vulnerabilities in your network, thanks to a high-performance scanning engine. The module offers advanced reporting capabilities to monitor your infrastructure.

Complete Vulnerability Analysis System


With the advent of digital transformation, it is no longer enough to simply scan devices on premises to detect their vulnerabilities. In this new era, the attack surface is an increasingly large set of devices, clouds, DevOps, mobile devices, etc. that are difficult to protect. For this reason, Tenable offers an innovative approach to ensure the security of modern digital companies, pioneering the emerging market of Cyber Exposure.


Nessus is a software that helps security professionals quickly identify and solve vulnerabilities, including software flaws, missing patches, malware, and incorrect configurations, in a variety of operating systems, devices, and applications. The Nessus team works closely with the security community to discover new vulnerabilities and provide information on known vulnerabilities to help businesses quickly detect them in their environment. Plugins are automatically updated in Nessus in real-time, providing timely information on the latest vulnerabilities and malware, the corrective actions that need to be taken, and providing a quick and easy way to verify if systems are vulnerable. This means more comprehensive assessments and less time spent searching for and prioritizing issues.

Virtualization and Hyperconvergence


Cohesity, together with HPE, provides a scalable and hyperconverged secondary storage solution to meet the demands of secondary data on a single platform, including target storage, backup, replication, disaster recovery, files, objects, TestDev copies, data analytics, and cloud. As an integrated solution, it eliminates legacy storage silos, offers an easy-to-manage user interface and policy-based automation. It reduces total data protection costs by 50% and enables operational efficiency of less than 5 minutes for the Recovery Point and almost immediate Recovery Time.


Sangfor's aCloud is the latest generation of IT cloud architecture. It is based on innovative hyperconvergence technology and is more simplified and flexible than traditional cloud solutions. It enables users to quickly create an enterprise data center in the cloud and provides a group of automated IT resources, IT as a service, and IT O&M, making cloud migration easy. It has a built-in P2V migration tool that migrates applications to the cloud with a single click and increases IT innovation efficiency.
Cloud for business guarantees reliability through CDP, multiple data copies, virtual machine backup, application data backup, internet access management, etc. This way there will be no data loss.

Sangfor's hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) can boast incredibly optimized operations with high-quality infrastructure designed to support your business. This system can be deployed in minutes, requiring very few manual steps. This solution guarantees a cost reduction of up to 80%. Sangfor HCI consolidates traditional hardware-based security tools, IP network, storage network, server, and storage into a single hardware (x86 server), which forms a standardized HCI unit. Thanks to a unified web platform, users can enjoy an ultra-simplified on-demand IT structure.

Sangfor aDesk VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure solution, is the latest cloud-based virtual desktop solution based on hyperconverged infrastructure. Through deeply integrated server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and storage virtualization, all you need is an aDesk thin client device and a cloud terminal to deliver a fast deployment of the cloud platform. This desktop virtualization solution ensures an extraordinary user experience. Software, hardware, and peripherals are comparable to those of a PC. aDesk VDI makes your desktop smoother, more stable, more secure, and more efficient.


IT branches want to be able to quickly install a data center and achieve a quick gateway implementation to meet needs such as ensuring operating systems, providing fast access, enabling remote offices, etc. Sangfor aBos (the mini HCI) is specifically designed to meet this demand. With virtualization, you only need a network function virtualization (NFV) provider, a virtual switch, a virtual router, and other services through a unified management platform for resource distribution. Thanks to the default templates, you can get your network up and running in just a few steps. aBos saves on energy and space, as well as total costs.


StorMagic has created SvSAN, a Virtual SAN for creating Hyperconverged systems. Based on software-defined storage, it eliminates the need for physical SANs and is designed to be easy to deploy and manage. The SvSan product is simple, affordable, flexible, and suitable for any type of company. It supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Backup and Storage


For over 30 years, Arcserve has redefined how businesses worldwide protect their valuable digital assets by developing transformational technologies that meet any data protection need. Arcserve strives to go beyond the singular idea of data protection and propose a comprehensive approach to protecting customers' time, money, and productivity by eliminating the complexity of backing up and restoring critical business data. Arcserve solutions have been chosen in over 150 countries worldwide.

Arcserve Arcserve Disaster Recovery Devices

Arcserve's devices for disaster recovery (DR) and application availability are born from the union of Unified Data Protection (UDP) software and industrial-grade hardware. The devices incorporate flash-accelerated duplicate storage, reliable server processing, high-speed networks with highly redundant hardware and cloud services for a true plug-and-play solution. They allow for the quick creation of copies of physical and virtual systems directly on the device or in public and private clouds, ensuring unlimited expansion and single centralized management from a single user interface.

The large amount of data increases the costs of managing tape backup, which in themselves are minimal. Arcserve offers a different tape backup with exclusive technologies that improve the economy of data protection by allowing for longer retention periods, reducing storage, and integrating powerful deduplication within the existing backup environment. It allows you to monitor the status of all backup activities, find the nodes that take the longest time, locate backup data, and track the use of volumes, disks, and memory on each server.


NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a complete solution for protecting data in VMware virtualized environments. Nakivo offers VMware backup, replication, cloud backup, global deduplication, instant recovery of VMs and objects, backup and screenshot verification. By seamlessly integrating into the environment, it ensures a reduction in total cost of ownership, increases the level of data protection, and ensures quick and easy recovery of virtual machines and data. Nakivo is compatible with the following platforms: VMware, Hyper-V, and AWS EC2. The latest version of Nakivo, v 8.5, supports integration and certification with Nutanix.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable VM backup solution. It is compatible with VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, RedHat Virtualization, and other KVM-based hypervisors. It provides an excellent user experience for customers who need to protect the data of their virtual machines, especially when using different hypervisors in the same infrastructure. No agent installation is required on the operating system, reducing resource consumption and deployment times. Thanks to BitDetector, it is able to recognize non-useful files, such as swap files, to reduce the weight of the backup, increase the speed of data transfer, and save space in the backup storage. With Instant VM Recovery, you can quickly and completely recover your data.

Digital Collaboration


Awingu is a unified workspace that offers highly secure and controlled access to your corporate files, legacy applications, web and SaaS in a browser-based environment, accessible from any device. Awingu uses the existing corporate architecture and is deployed as a virtual device in most hypervisors. Thanks to Awingu's online workspace, everything the end user needs is available in a browser and from any device, without the need to install agents, plugins, etc.


Egnyte improves productivity through collaboration. In fact, this file sharing platform allows teams to work where they want and whenever they want, ensuring a continuous workflow. It works effectively with both internal and remote users, and thanks to intelligent file access, it reduces bandwidth usage. It offers full visibility of data and excellent auditing capabilities. It is compatible with the most popular industrial applications.


MOVEit provides complete visibility and control of file transfer activities. It ensures reliability of core business processes and security in the transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users, and systems. The flexibility of the MOVEit architecture allows you to select the appropriate capabilities to meet the specific needs of each business. In addition, MOVEit allows the transfer of sensitive data in compliance with data protection standards SLA and GDPR.

Recovery in virtualized environments

Replication in virtual environment


Zerto helps customers accelerate digital transformation by eliminating risk and complexity in modernization and cloud adoption. Zerto promotes IT resilience and combines disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility into a single, simple, and convergent platform that replaces existing solutions. The Zerto platform provides continuous availability to ensure a seamless experience. The replication solution is based on a hypervisor. Data protection is continuous and offers long-term retention. Installation is fast and no changes need to be made to application and storage configurations. The console is easy to manage and provides a complete view of the environment.

Arcserve Continuous Availability Arcserve Continuous Availability

In case of downtime, Arcserve Replication and High Availability guarantees access to critical data and systems in seconds, truly ensuring business continuity. It also allows you to maintain full availability between virtual and physical server systems. Thanks to real-time replication and data rewinding, it avoids data loss due to interruptions or attacks. Quickly recover lost data, files, and databases and ensure compliance with SLAs that traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions cannot guarantee.

Arcserve Cloud Direct

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is the only direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (BaaS/DRaaS) that offers complete data protection without the need for any local hardware. With Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct, you can easily manage backups and disaster recovery and restore service level agreements (SLAs) from an extremely simple web-based user interface. Protect all systems and applications from data loss and get your business up and running quickly. Specifically designed to ensure smooth business operation, Arcserve's cloud service offers very simple setup and management, enhanced with industry-leading backup speed and 100% recovery capability.


Sangfor Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery for VMware is a necessity, but this solution is extremely costly and cumbersome. Thanks to Sangfor, you can obtain a cost-effective and simplified backup and disaster recovery solution without agents for VMware environments. Sangfor's solution offers heterogeneous VMware management and bidirectional migration between VMware and Sangfor HCI. It also facilitates workload migration and transition from VMware.